Art Show

The Marcon Art Show has always been known for its impeccable display of remarkable original and fan art depicting various genre of fantasy, science fiction, horror, and science based arts.

We are working hard to bring that tradition back to Marcon in 2020. 

We encourage and invite local, national, and international artists to display their work with us at Marcon.

What We Are Looking For:

We are in search of original and/or fan art with the subject matter(s) of:

Science, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, … Etc*

We are accepting traditional art as well as unconventional:

Paintings, Sketch, Illustration, Anime/Manga, Sculpture, Needle Point, Crotchet, Cross Stitch, Jewelry, … and much more*


If you are unsure your work qualifies, please email us at   with any questions. 

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