Art Panels and Events Schedule

Times and events may change between now and con date.

Artist Reception

The Marcon Art Show has always been known for its impeccable display of remarkable original and fan art depicting various genre of fantasy, science fiction, horror, and science based arts.

On Friday evening of Marcon 55, the Marcon Art Show will host a simple artist reception so you can chat with some of these artists and admire their works.


  • 5pm: Marcon Art Show Officially Opens
  • 7pm: Artist Reception
  • 11pm: Art Show Closes


  • 10am: Art Show Opens
  • 1pm-3pm: $10 Workshop “Fantastic Beasts And How To Draw Them”
  • 5pm-7pm: $10 Workshop “Color Combination and Blending” (A class teaching simple color mixing as well as painting it to a canvass).
  • 9pm-10pm: Artist Round Table and Networking
  • 11pm: Art Show Closes


  • 10am: Art Room Opens for Payments and Pick Up

Are you an artist looking to get involved in Marcon’s art programming? Have a panel or a workshop you’d like to host? Just want to join already planned panels?

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  • For questions or suggestions pertaining to art program panels, please email

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