Welcome to Marcon

Now comes the difficult part: The panels are wrapping up so The Dead Dog is whatever you want to make it! You can certainly continue here, it’s your site (this is a politics free zone!) Send us your reviews of our efforts and your ideas for 2021.

I would especially like to thank our Guests of Honor for their participation in our first virtual convention. They have all been gracious and generous!

I have enjoyed this weekend, but I have also been feeling reflective and nostalgic. Marcon has lost Mandy (aka Laurel Hedge) our Ops Department Head and our good friends and Art Show partners, the Dorsai!, have also lost members, Tom Barber. And yet it’s been a good weekend in a hard year.

Please continue the convention here if you don’t want to stop. But tomorrow and afterwards remember to continue checking the Facebook Group and the website for the updates for Marcon 55, in 2021.

Thank you, our all Members, for playing this weekend. I have had a few inquiries about donations. The Registration Page on the website has a donation button on PayPal. Thank you to those who found it this weekend!

Finally, to all the people who put this weekend together, the Department Heads - you’re marvelous, thank you!

Kim Williams
Chair, Marcon 55 (2020 & 2021)

We'll be back in 2021 with Marcon 55 2.0

Welcome to an online Marcon weekend. I want to especially thank the Department Heads and Staff this year. We have worked together all year and don’t get the pleasure of being with you, our Members, at the hotel. We miss you!

So we decided to put some Marcon activities on our website and Facebook Group this weekend. It’s DIFFERENT in a year where different is challenging, but we want something familiar for our Marcon weekend.

Normally I would call these awesome people Department Heads, but this year they are more hard working Wranglers than usual. They have pulled together 2 conventions, the physical and the virtual.

First, Mandy - We will miss you. Ops is empty.


We have Filk concerts, thanks to the efforts of Roberta, the Filk staff and, of course, the Filkers! The schedule went up yesterday.

Heather and Koranna have been contacting people for virtual panel ideas. They have been busy! I’m excited to see what they have come up with.

Mistie and Wendy have put together an online Art Show with contact information for our Artists. Any and all sales are directly with the artists! No Marcon checkout.

Lee has put together videos of past Marcon events. Including the Godzilla video made by Childrens Programming (a long time ago). I think this video is spectacular! And even better is that some of those kids are still involved with Marcon! Some not only attend Marcon, but are now staff and Department Heads (Tim). Another generation growing up in Fandom. There are other videos, too, but that one is my favorite.

And Jack! Jack has been Wrangling the Dealers Room. Thank you, Jack! Again, sales are transacted directly with the Dealer.

Dale and Mistie are working on the website and Facebook Group. Getting all this goodness to you!

Our website has our Guests of Honor Page with pictures and bios. A virtual Program Book

And I am sitting here with a broken tooth (waiting for Monday dentist appointment) being very thankful for Department Heads, Staff, Volunteers and for you - Marcon Members!

I owe you all. I hope we can safely have the Marcon picnic this summer. I don’t know if it will be possible, so I will post information here as I get it.

And finally to Shelly, my friend and Vice Chair. We have worked Marcon together since we met at Marcon 29, and we have been friends ever since. Thank you!

Please feel free to join in the fun and we all look forward to getting together with you next year in real life!

Kim Williams
Marcon 55 Chair

The dates for Marcon 2021 will be May 7th thru the 9th 2021

As many have asked the registration page has been updated. In the membership type dropdown, there is also a full membership + donation option.