Where is the best place to enjoy free munchies and non-intoxicating beverages with hundreds of your closest friends? The MARCON ConSuite, of course! The ConSuite is a great place to enjoy the company of your fellow fan. Musicians and gamers welcome!

We love to serve you! The ConSuite provides snacks of all sorts — some scheduled and some not. We do serve a light continental breakfast on Saturday and Sunday. We don’t serve meals, although some of our snacks could substitute for a meal if you’re ravenous and broke. (We try to keep the peanut butter and jam available around the clock…)

We also have special events scheduled — some involving food, and some not. Stop in and check us out!

Special dietary requirements will be considered. If you are diabetic or celiac, or have another medical condition that limits your food choices, please e-mail us so that we can plan to provide for you.

The ConSuite is always preparing and tweaking the menu, so if you have any suggestions feel free to check the MARCON Discussion boards and offer them, or e-mail us at any time.

We’re also looking for Friendly Volunteers! A commitment of 12 hours worked throughout the convention can get you a reimbursement of your membership fee, or a “rollover” for next year. Please contact the Gopher department for more details.

Current Guests
Glen Cook
Author Guest

Tom Wood
Artist Guests

Heather Dale & Ben Deschamps
Music Guests

Looney Labs
Gaming Guests

Eric Flint and the 1632 MiniCon
Special Guests

Tim Griffin
Sponsored by Griffin Education Solutions

The Walking Deads'
Michonne’s Pet Zombies
Moses J. Moseley & Theshay West
Media Guests

Bios & More Guests Coming Soon!
Important Deadlines!
Pre-Registration Cutoff #1 - Closed
Dealers' Room Applications - Closed
Panelists' Registration - Closed
Game Master Registration - Closed
Advertising Content - Closed
Artists' Registration - Closed
Hotel Room Block - Closed
Pre-Registration Cutoff #2
  April 20, 2014
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