Dealers Room Registration

About MARCON Dealers

MARCON has a juried Dealer’s Room.  You must apply and be accepted to get it.  It is not first come-first serve.  MARCON chooses dealers by type, variety, quality of merchandise, among other factors.

Important Dates

  • Applications Due: Sunday, January 5th, 2020
  • Jury Decision notifications: Sunday, February 2nd, 2020
  • Table Payments due: Wednesday, April 1st, 2020


All Applications MUST be submitted by Sunday January 5th, 2020.  Dealer’s room acceptance and non-acceptance notifications, notifications will be sent out by Sunday, February 2nd.

Payment for your tables MUST be received at, no later than Wednesday, April 1st, 2020.  If you were accepted into the dealer’s room and have not paid by Wednesday, April 1st, 2020, you will forfeit your spot and be moved to the end of the waitlist.   If you have already paid for your tables, PLEASE email so that we can verify with the Treasurer that your payment has been received.

The application for Marcon 2020 is available here:

It should take you between 5-20 minutes to complete depending on how fast you type and how many helpers you have.

This form does not issue invoices or payment requests.  You can be proactive and send your payments to, or you can wait until we have the chance to review applications and send you an invoice.

Dealer’s room staff has the possibility to change every year.  Please make sure to include the following information.   If you do not include details about your business, we will assume your application is spam or a bot and remove you from the list.  You may still be asked to provide pictures of your stock if the description is vague or we are unfamiliar with your booth.

  • Write up a full summary of your wares.  We are a juried dealer’s room and will not have space for everyone that applies.  The current staff may not know who you are. Fill this application out as if you were applying to a convention you’ve never been to before.
  • If you have special needs of any sort, you need to add it to the form.  This includes personal needs as well as any special space requirements your booth may have:  Height over 8′, grid displays, tables on the back wall, etc.  Remember that staff changes and you may not be dealing with the same people year to year.
  • Assume the next dealerroom chair doesn’t know you.  Marcon staff changes from year to year.  You are not guaranteed the new Dealer’s Room staff will know who you are or how long you have been attending Marcon.


Pricing for tables will be as follows:

One table $70
Two tables $140
Three tables $210 (Limited availability)

Spaces/table sizes

Due to the reduced size of the new Dealer’s room, we have reduced the maximum number of tables to 3.  There will be limited numbers of 3 table spots available.   In order to get as many different vendors in as possible (which makes the room more attractive to attendees, thus increases potential sales), we ask that everyone go with the smallest number of tables possible.

All tables will be 6’.

One table should get you an area of about 6’ x 10’ with about 8’ of height from the ground.  There are chandeliers in this room, and you will not have much vertical space.

If you were in the Marcon 2019 dealer room, do not assume you will be in the same spot for 2020.

Things Dealers Should Know

Location of Dealer’s Room

The dealer’s room will be in the Indoor/outdoor pavilion attached to the hotel, called the Grand Pavilion.  The room is pretty well shielded from the elements and has A/C and heat.  The room has plenty of natural light during the day.


The Dealer’s Room has limited electrical outlets.  There are outlets along the perimeter of the room and Marcon staff will run some outlets to the middle of the room for dealers to share.  Dealers who need power for sales activities have priority access to those outlets, before using outlets for personal use.  Dealer’s may bring in power strips for additional outlets, but must be mindful of safety.  If it looks questionable or unsafe you will be asked to unplug.

Dealer Room Hours

Dealer’s Room will be open to the public on the following hours

Friday 5 pm – 9 pm

Saturday 10 am – 6 pm

Sunday 11 am – 2 pm

Dealers must be open for business during public dealer room hours.  Dealers will be allowed to enter the dealer room 30 minutes before the room opens, and 30 minutes after the room closes.

Load In

MARCON veterans will be excited to know that the room is on ground level with a direct entrance to the parking lot.  That’s right, the walk from the loading area to the Dealer’s Room is about 20 feet.

Dealers may park directly in front of Dealer Room entrance while actively loading.   Dealers are asked to move their car as soon as they are done loading.

Load in begins Friday at 10 am.

There is no load in on Thursday.

Dealers who have not checked in with the MARCON Dealer’s Room staff by 4 pm on Friday will be considered a “no-show” and their tables will be forfeit.

Load Out

Dealer’s may start breaking down at 1 pm Sunday.  Load out will be the same as the load in procedure.  Please be courteous of other dealers and move your vehicle as soon as you are done loading.

Helpers for Load in/Load out

Helpers are volunteers.  MARCON staff will attempt to have helpers on site to help, but this is not guaranteed.  Please come with help if you know in advance if you need help for load in/load out.


As in the past, MARCON will have police presence in the Dealer Room Friday and Saturday night of the convention.

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