Dealers Room Registration

Attention Dealer Wannabees!

Marcon has a JURIED Dealers Room, so you must apply to get in (it’s not first-come, first served). We make our selections by looking at type and quality of merchandise, variety for the fans, and whatever we feel might add the most to the Marcon experience. Sound rather arbitrary? Well, it is. The decisions about who gets tables are not based on specific criteria such that, if you meet them, you automatically get the tables you apply for. All decisions about who gets tables and how many they get are subjective, ours, and final.

We want to make good, informed decisions, and you can help us! Tell us everything you can about yourself and (especially) what you’re selling. Pictures of your wares and your set-up are very helpful. If you have a web site, tell us! If you will be dealing at other cons in this region, tell us when and where! If any of our folks will be there, we can try to have them check out your set-up.

Please be aware that Marcon requires all dealers to have their tables staffed and their merchandise available for purchase during all the Dealers Room’s posted hours of operation; plan accordingly.

Merchandise Tables will be 6 feet long and 30 inches wide, and electricity is available at any table in the room. The prices are:   One table, $50.00 // Two tables, $110.00  // Three tables, $180.00 // Four tables, $260.00 // Five tables, $350.00 // Six tables, $450.00.

Demonstration Tables are being offered this year and will be either 6 feet long and 30 inches wide or rounds (will be determined by arability closer to con). These tables can ONLY be used for demonstrating a game or product or other activities like miniature painting. Please let us know what you intend to use it for as that may determine whether or not you get one. The prices are:   One table, $30.00 // Two tables, $80.

You must buy at least one membership when you buy your tables! If you do not, your application will be returned and not considered by the jury.

Cost of memberships: Dealers may buy 2 memberships at the special dealer rate of $25.00 each with their first table. They may also buy one additional membership at that special rate with each additional table they buy. Thus, paying for two tables would allow you to buy up to 3 dealer-rate memberships, paying for 3 tables would allow you to buy up to 4 dealer-rate memberships, etc

To apply, please download the application below. Complete it, sign it, and mail it along with your check for the number of tables you are requesting (and at least one membership!) to:

PO Box 141414
Columbus OH 43214

Your canceled check will be your receipt. Please remember that our cashing your check does not mean your application has been accepted; it simply means that we have received your application and will jury it at the scheduled time.

All applications for the Marcon Dealers Room must be postmarked by February 1, 2019.

Our jury will meet around February 10, 2019 to make its selections. We will notify all applicants by mail if their application has been approved or placed on the waiting list. Those applications placed on the waiting list will receive a full refund with their notification of waiting list status. If we later call you up from the waiting list, we will have you bring your payment to the con.

Thank you for your interest in being a Marcon dealer! If you still have questions, or if you are unable to download the application and need us to mail one to you, please contact the Dealers Room staff directly at Vendor/Dealer option.

Dealers Application

This file is in PDF format if you don't have the plugin you can find it here.

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