Art Show

Art Show Hours

Friday: 4pm to 10:30pm

Saturday: 10am to 11pm – Quick Sales: 5pm

Sunday: 10am to 2pm – Quick Sales all day

Art Room  Events, Panels, and Workshops

  • Some workshops do have a slight cost to them. This cost is to cover supplies that, in most cases, you get to take home.
  • You will pay the instructor at the time of the workshop.

** Times subject to change up till Con.

  • Friday

5pm – 7pm: Staying Connected: Artist Round Table

6pm – 10pm: Ready, Steady, Stitch, & Sketch!

8pm – 10pm: Meet The Artists Coffee Reception

  • Saturday

10am – 11pm: Ready, Steady, Stitch, & Sketch!

11am – Noon: Is Crafting Art?

2pm – 4pm: Artist Quick Draw – (Main Room)

5pm – 7pm: Learn To Cross Stitch – $5 – Art Show

7pm – 8pm: Making Art Pay

8pm – 9pm: Staying Motivated

9pm – 11pm: Staying Connected: Artist Round Table

  • Sunday

No Panels


Artist Guests:

Marcon’s Artist Guest of Honor:

—– John Picacio —–

A two-time Hugo Award-winning illustrator of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. His artwork is noted for its diversity and range, often combining traditional drawing and painting with digital finishes, as well as exploring methods such as hand-made assemblages. His works have illustrated the covers of books by Michael Moorcock, Harlan Ellison, Robert Silverberg, L.E. Modesitt, Jr., Dan Simmons, Joe R. Lansdale, Jeffrey Ford, Frederik Pohl, James Tiptree, Jr., Mark Chadbourn, and many more. He has produced cover artwork for franchises such as Star Trek and the X-MEN.

For More on John, visit our Guest page:

To see some of his work:

Local Special Guest:

This year, Marcon has chosen a Columbus, Ohio based artist to be our special guest. This is a new tradition we are starting in hopes to bring awareness to the great art we have right here in Columbus and all of Ohio.

This year’s Local Artist Guest:

—– Donna McCarty Estep —-

As a child of the 80’s, Donna McCarty-Estep’s nostalgia drives her creativity. Currently inspired by popular culture, she pulls inspiration from movies, the media and literature to create portraits that evoke those same feelings in others. With a mix of stencil and direct painting, she creates bright and vibrant art that is fun to have on the wall. Fun is the prevailing reason behind these creations.

Moving from rural southern Ohio after graduating with a degree in art education, Estep took several years away from personal art creation until she joined a local art group and was introduced into the art scene of Columbus. Since then she has been creating almost non-stop. “I paint every day. Even if it’s just a couple of drops of paint or making plans for a new piece.” This drive has really kept her going both personally and in a volunteer capacity for several art based groups as well as being a founding member of Franklinton Friday, a community art crawl. Her art can be found around Columbus in bars and restaurants and at her studio located at 400 Wests Rich in Franklinton, which hosts open studios every second Friday.


Artists Participating In This Year’s Show:

Carrie Vaughn

Carrie is a non-binary author, LMT, CPhT, crafter, costumer, crochet artist, gamer podcaster full of honey butter chips and Doctor Pepper.


Mike Kloepfer

Mike (mikeyzart) Kloepfer is an award-winning artist with a career spanning over 3 decades. Along the way, Mike and his artwork have appeared in books and magazines such as ‘Classical Drawing Atelier’ (by Juliette Aristides) and ‘The Artists Magazine.’ He has been an electronic illustrator for Microsoft and Boeing, he has drawn over 1,000 commissioned portraits and over 12,000 professional caricatures for collectors from every continent on earth!

Mike is a founding member of the Convention Artists Guild (Colorado Chapter,) and a studio artist at Helikon Gallery and Studios in Denver’s Rhino Arts District. He teaches classes and workshops as well as panels, demonstrations and instruction at conventions across the United States.

See his artwork on Facebook and Instagram: @mikeyzart


Mystress Dragonfly

“My art is a trip into bright colors, flowing lines, and edgy impressionism. It is filled with a mix of spirituality, seduction, and emotion. Like the seasons and nature I worship, my art is constantly evolving. Always learning. Ever changing. I allow myself the indulgence of various forms of art, however the mediums I am most connected with are Collage and Acrylic Painting. “

Mystie has been an artist ever since she can remember. She sold her first piece in Jr High School. She attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 1994/1995. When she moved to Columbus, Ohio in 2001, she quickly got in working with several galleries. From 2009 to 2014, Mystie curated the art at a local coffee shop. After which, Mystie joined the Marcon team in the Game Department. She worked as Game Department Head for 4 years. Now she heads the art show at Marcon.

You can see more of Mystie’s work on Facebook:


Neha Dadhich

I have been born and bought up in India. I have been working as an artist for more than 15 years. I have done masters in Visual Arts and completed my PhD thesis in Folk Arts. I moved to USA 4 years ago.

               The purpose of my art is to purport and present the importance of relationships to us, humans. My inspiration is “immortal relationship” – we are deeply connected to other human beings, nature and animals. The interconnecting relationships are the basis of human life; they shape our society. Preserving and understanding these relationships is essential to us, and my art is just an effort in this direction.

My art is a poetic message of the importance of universal love. My style is in between expressionism and Surrealism. I mainly use pure and bright colors which infuse simplicity and accuracy in my paintings. With vibrant tones of colors, I express the sentiments, feelings and behavior of the characters more efficiently.

Neha Dadhich


Peri Charlifu

Aegean Goods: About the artist and the workPeri Charlifu is a Colorado Artist who has been sellinghis work professionally for over 36 years. He has won dozens of awards and is founder and guild master of the Arts and Artisans of Colorado artists guild. He is a full timeartist and participates in about 40-45 Science Fiction convention art shows a year, all over the country! His work is exhibited and sold all over the United States as well as several countries. To date he has produced over 41,000 pieces. His work is available for special order and at art shows only. Peri works mainly in a High Density mix of Porcelain and White Stoneware. He mixes his own glaze and his work is food, oven and Microwave safe. All the design work is hand pained and or carved and he mixes all his own stains and colors. He is also a graphic artist and his prints and original works can be seen on his website! You can check out his web site at or visit him on Facebook, to look at his work, see what he is up to and to place an order. FaceBook: Peri Charlifu – Aegean Goods


Raymond VanTilburg

Raymond VanTilburg is a self taught artist who started creating fantastical images when he was old enough to pick up a crayon. He has painted covers for magazines, games, and product packages, and has created logos for science fiction and fantasy conventions around the world. Many people knew him as “that guy who airbrushes T-shirts” in the dealers room. He is now retired from airbrushing t-shirts.

 Ray began selling paintings and drawings in the science fiction market at his first convention, Inconjunction in 1983. The next year he began selling his art on t-shirts, Marcon was the first convention that he was selling t-shirts.

Want to see more of Ray’s art follow him on these social media sites.


Ryan Hudson

G Ryan Hudson is a self taught artist that resides in Columbus, Ohio.

His media of choice are acrylics and watercolor. He has a particular interest in Mexican Folk Art, Día de Muertos and vintage Halloween photographs.

Ryan shares a studio space at 400 W. Rich Street in Franklinton. He shows his art in this studio space and has shown locally as well as one small exhibition in Mexico City, Mexico in November 2015.
You can view more of his work @




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