Special Events

Each year, Marcon hosts special events during the convention. Many of these are directly run by Marcon, such as the Masquerade, some are run by Marcon in conjunction with other organizations, such as the Blood Drive with the American Red Cross, and the Charity Auction, which raises funds for various good causes each year. Still others may be mini-cons within the framework of Marcon, as fan groups, writing groups and others make Marcon their annual gathering of fans.

These events will change from year to year, and some may appear one year, and not appear in others.

Special events scheduled for 2021-2022 will include

Judging of State Science Fair

Each year SOLAE (The Science-Oriented Literature and Education Foundation) judges at the Ohio State Science Fair, providing special awards for the students competing. The State Science Fair is held the weekend of Marcon (in May), and on Saturday morning, Committee members, Guests and fans alike will bus down to the Ohio State University, and judge the many fantastic projects.

Costuming Showcase

More info coming soon!

Marcon is proud to present our Costume Showcase for 2022! 

This year we will be holding a Costume Contest. Participants will be held to the International Costumers Guild rules ensuring fair competition. 

You do not have to compete and be judged to participate in the floor show. All costumes will be welcome to do a short walk on to display their hard work and craftsmanship. This is simply titled a “walk on” and you are free to participate without costume judging. You will not be eligible for awards or prizes, simply your 30 seconds of fame.

Food Trucks

Our new hotel allows food in areas other than food service areas, and Marcon will be teaming up with others to provide you with more options. Consuite will still be there for snacks, drinks and sandwiches, and possibly some special events, but the Hotel has a a full service restaurant, and will be setting up a small cash cafe in the main hallway, near Ballroom 1. Outside the back door, we will have at least two food trucks to provide more options. Food trucks will be announced as they are confirmed

Artist Reception

No art reception in 2021.

The Marcon Art Show has always been known for its impeccable display of remarkable original and fan art depicting various genre of fantasy, science fiction, horror, and science based arts.

On Friday evening of Marcon 56, the Marcon Art Show will host an artist reception so you can chat with some of these artists and admire their works.

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