Marcon’s Game Department pledges to create a fun, relaxing environment for everyone. We strive for people of all ages to feel encouraged and welcome to participate. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner at games or have been rolling dice for 50 years. We, the Marcon Gaming Staff, will create a great experience for anyone who attends our convention and wanders into our gaming department.

Marcon’s Game Department encourages the social aspect of boardgames, gaming, and the experience of trying new games. We hope that everyone attending meets new friends, has stimulating conversation, and discovers the joy of connecting that comes with playing boardgames.

48 Hours of Continuous Gaming

Role Playing Games, Card Games, Computer Games, Board Games, and Tournaments scheduled throughout the weekend as well as a full rental library of games to choose from.


Marcon’s Gaming Library is provided by:

Pawn’s Gamebag

Traveling Game Library


If you have any questions about Marcon’s Gaming Department, please email the head of gaming at:


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