At Con

There is a lot to do at Marcon every year. Some features may disappear for a year or two and return, and some new ideas will show up from time to time.

2020 Guests:

Science Guest of Honor – Wolfgang

Wolfgang is a first-generation American, born of Austrian immigrants.  Even as a small child, he was fascinated with science (and science fiction), so nobody was surprised when he ended up with a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from The Ohio State University.  After completing a postdoc Fellowship, Wolfgang worked for a scientific software company for 14 years, then in 2013 he returned to academic research. He is currently a bioinformatics analyst at the The Institute for Genomic Medicine, part of the Abigail Wexner Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, where he does microbiomic profiling of patients, and assists with customizing treatments for cancer patients based on their genome.  Wolfgang lives in Columbus OH with his twin sons Beowulf and Hiro and his wife Christine. In his free time he is a casual “Maker”, and he and his cosplay Guild spend far too much time and money creating group costumes.


2019 Guests & Events

  • A great slate of Guests
    • Charles Gannon – Author Guest of Honor
    • John Picacio – Artist Guest of Honor
    • David Gerrold – Media Guest of Honor
    • The Hopeful Romantics – Filk Guests of Honor
    • Bob & Connie Trembley – Science Guests of Honor
    • Rebecca Moesta – Editor Guest of Honor
    • Kevin J. Anderson – Author Special Guest
    • The Harp Twins – Music Special Guests
    • The Lady of Rohan – Cosplay Special Guest
  • A Costume Showcase on Saturday evening, with a costume contest, and a chance for everyone in costume to strut their stuff on stage (Prior registration is required, please see the Costume Showcase page for additional information.)
  • Robert Heinlein Society Blood Drive on Saturday with the American Cross Bloodmobile located just steps away from our programming space.
  • A large Dealers’ Room, now located on the same floor as our panel rooms, filk and other programming.
  • 24-hour Gaming right near the hotel lobby.
  • Dozens of Panels on many different topics of interest to those of us who are into Alternate Realities.
  • Room parties at night on the hotel party floor, just one floor above our convention space, where you can drink, sing karaoke, sit and talk with your favorite artist or author, or just hang out with your friends and other geeks who are attending Marcon.
  • Various local Food Trucks located just behind the hotel’s convention space on Friday and Saturday nights.
  • A fantastic hotel restaurant in Christino’s, and breakfast and sandwich bars operated by the hotel right in the middle of all of the action!

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