Publicity & Publications

Publicity is the heart of what gets the word out about Marcon. We will be working all year producing and printing post cards, flyers, book marks, and other various informational items. We will be attempting to travel to other conventions to through room parties and man hall tables. We distribute information to fans, the media, and other conventions all over the country.

Would you like to help us?

You can help get the work out by taking cards and flyers to conventions you may attend, Book marks to stores you may shop in or by simply talking about us to every one you know.

Remember, Marcon is a convention run by fans, so we are glad to have the help of other fans. If you have a talent for computer graphics, writing, or just have a friend that works for local media that could help us publicize Marcon, please contact Publicity & Publications to see how you can help!

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