Imagine you’re in a convention space filled with your fellow panelists talking about the things you are passionate about.  Imagine no longer.  In a few short months we will be gathering again to participate in the 52nd annual MARCON Convention, May 12-14, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel & Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio.  Our theme this year is Pure Imagination!

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or new to the MARCON experience, we’d love to listen to you expound upon your knowledge of fantasy and science fiction in literature, art, science, and other forms of entertainment, past, present or future.

MARCON is proud of its diverse selection of panels. We like to see a lot of different topics on the board so that everyone attending has something to look forward to. After all, we pride ourselves on being a full-spectrum, family-friendly Convention with programming for all ages and pretty much any subject we can get people to talk about.

Participation in Panels:
Panels will start every one and a half hours throughout the weekend. Panels will be scheduled in 75-minute blocks with a 15-minute intermission, giving time for tear down or set up of programs, presentations, or just to take a break unless otherwise noted or requested.  In order to receive a complimentary membership to Marcon, you must schedule for at least three panels, or the equivalent of three panel-slot’s worth of time.  You have the option to do more than 3 (scheduling permitted).

There have been some changes to how we approached panels this year.  Instead of creating a panel title and description for most of the content, we started with a basic topic.  If you are interested in a particular topic, mark it as the title on your registration form.  Once the panel selections are approved, you may decide amongst your fellow panelists what the topic is about (A Note to Moderators: Please do not dictate what the panel is about.  Make sure all panelists have a say in how the topic is developed).  If you would like to add a topic for discussion and would like to add it to your list of panels, define the title and description in the “Presentations” section of your registration.

Group Presentations:  Those that are involved in a Group Presentation, please add the name of your group in the title of the presentation so that we can schedule you appropriately.  Liaisons for groups, please contact for an application.

Become a Moderator:
A Moderator will be assigned for each panel. Moderators will have a few responsibilities. These are:
1. Make sure the panel begins and ends on time
2. Keep track of the questions being asked
3. Conduct a head count for the Programming Staff
4. Make sure the panel stays on topic.  Be the cruise director, not the captain.
5. Turn in the Moderator Card to the Programming Staff.

You do not need to be an expert on the topic, however, it is advised to have some understanding of the topic.  Please be sure that you are only guiding the panel and that you are allowing other panelists to participate.  It is up to your fellow panelists (including yourself) to decide where the topic will go.  If you would like to be a moderator, please make sure to mark your panelist form accordingly.  

Click on the following links to download the list of topics/panels and the Panelist Registration form to register.  If you are having problems send an email it to 

The deadline for your forms has been pushed back.  You must register before March 1st.

Marcon 52 List of ALL Panels

Marcon 52 Panelist form for Word (.docx)


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