Publicity & Publications

The Publicity & Publications department is charged with creating materials to promote Marcon throughout the year, and the publications that are printed for Marcon itself. Our job is both to inform our guests during the convention, and to increase the number of guests through outreach to other conventions, media, and other businesses that have ties to the communties of Multiple Alternate Realities that make up Marcon..


We help promote Marcon at many events throughout the year in Central Ohio, including many movie openings, sci-fi marathons, gaming events, and special Marcon-related events. We also have a prescence, either with our staff, or other Marcon staff and volunteers at other conventions in the region, from Boston to Chicago. Most of these events and conventions are listed on the Marcon calendar. If you are going to another convention, and would like to help us out by distributing materials, or in other ways, please let us know by sending an email to


Marcon flyers begin each year with the back cover of the prior year’s Program Book. We produce updated flyers throughout the year, and provide them to other conventions, either in person, or by providing them to be distributed at their freebie table, and to others interested in supporting Marcon.

The current flyers are listed below:

Full Color 8.5 x 11 Flyer

Program Book

The Program Book is the heart of the information at the convention, as we highlight each Guest of Honor, and Featured Guest. The program book usually includes information about our many panelists, and may include information on Gaming and other departments as needed.

In Detail

The In Detail book is the go to for many convention-goers, as it includes the schedules of all panels and games, and also includes schedules sorted by the program track. With our full-color printing this year, we have even color coded the tracks within the main schedule, giving guests yet another way to find the exact panel they are looking for.

Marcon Times

Over the years, Marcon has had several variations on the in-con chronicles, under various names, most recently the Marconi Times. Starting with this year, we will be losing the i, and using the Marcon logo in the name of the new Marcon Times. We will print this 4-page newslatter in limited quantities, but also provide a pdf version that can be downloaded via the Marcon Times Page.

Ad Rate Card

With 3 different publications, there are many advertising options. The majority of these are in the Program Book, while others will be in the Marcon Times. Because of the amount of information in the In Detail guide, the only advertisment there is on the back cover, and this is normally done as a trade with another convention. If you are interested in this space, please contact us and we will look at the options. Website

Several department heads update their own  pages on the Marcon website, but most of the updates are handled by the Publicity & Publications department. This includes content, graphics, and other information and is done in cooperation with our Webmaster Shell Franklin.

Graphics and other work

Frankly, this falls to us because we can do it, and have the software. We will create graphics for other departments, for promotion of Marcon, the website and in other ways to help promote the convention.

Staff Needed

We will be looking to add to the Publicity & Publications staff. We are looking for a designer with InDesign experience, a salesperson to help sell ads for our publications, and possibly sponsorships for the convention, a couple of photographers and people to help with the Marcon Times during the convention. If you are interested in any of the spots, please send an email to

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