Marcon 54, Where are You?


A lot of our younger fans won't get that reference, but the old timers, I hope they are chuckling a little bit. But, in truth, it is a good question. Where is Marcon 54 gonig to be? Super Secret negotiations are underway, and some of us have a pretty good idea where we will be. However, until pen meets paper on that new contact, we have to be mum on the location. As soon as that is settled, we will announce the hotel, and put some basic information here, and get the detailed info on how you can book your room out to everyone.


Okay, it's been said that we can't keep a secret….While we can't tell  you exactly where Marcon will be next year, we can say that it will be in the Central Ohio area, but probably not downtown. Space will be smaller, but nicely spaced for our current size. Heck, I can tell you definatively that it will be held at……..


Chair's note: We have decided that our webmaster needs a little bit of a break, so he will not be able to finish his sentence, until I say so.

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