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Help us plan

As anyone who has worked on a Sci-Fi convention will tell you, planning is a year-round activity. Maybe not a full-time, year-round activity, but there are things that need to be done from the end of one convention, clear through the end of the next year's convention.

Marcon is no different, and we break up the work as best we can to get everything done in advance, so you (and hopefully us as well) can have a blast each May!

Our many regular departments include:

Art Show

Each year Marcon hosts a large art show, featuring not only the art of our guest artists, but many different artists whose work fits into the Mulitple Alternate Realities milieu. Some artwork is sold to the highest bidder, some is sold outright, some benefits the charity auction, but all of the artwork is there for you to enjoy! For more information, see our Art Show page.

Charity Events

Coupled with the Art Show every year is the Marcon Charity Auction. Many pieces are on display, and the proceeds on the sale of these donated pieces go directly to a charity of Marcon's choosing. For the past few years, that charity has been the SOLAE Foundation, but in past years, we have donated to The Columbus Zoo, the Ohio Historical Society, Donate Life Ohio, the Perkins Observatory and many more. More information on the auction is available on the Charity Events Page


Where is the best place to enjoy free munchies and non-intoxicating beverages with hundreds of your closest friends? The MARCON ConSuite, of course! The ConSuite is a great place to enjoy the company of your fellow fan. Musicians and gamers welcome! For more information see the Consuite Page.

Dealer's Room

Marcon has a juried Dealers Room, so all potential dealers must apply in advance to participate, and are selected to give our members the best selection of products for purchase. For more information on how you can be involved, or what dealers will be here this year, check out our Dealer's Room Page for more information.


Do you enjoy all of the great music at Marcon? Be it the concerts, drum circles or our many panels about this unique style of music, our filk department works hard to get the best and most musical to Marcon each year. See who you can enjoy this year, or help get your favorite artist here in the future by checking out our Filk Page.


Marcon's Gaming Department encourages the social aspect of boardgames, gaming and the experience of trying new games. We hope that everyone attending meets new friends, has stimulating conversation, and discovers the joy of connecting that comes with playing games. For more info, see the Gaming Page. 

Guest Relations

Few fans see what our staff of Guest Relations does at the convention, but everyone sees the fruits of their work throughout the year. At con, they are helping our guests feel welcomed, helping to take care of things that pop up, and making sure that their stay with us at Marcon is as good as it can possibly be. Before the con? Well, it starts even before the last convention is over, as they are working hard on getting our Guests of Honor, and Featured Guests, and sometimes working on two or three different Marcons at one time!


A lot of Marcon fans register for a room at the previous year's convention, but, since we are moving, that just wasn't possible. Registering your room through the Marcon site helps the convention, as we have a certain number of rooms we need to fill in order to keep our prices as low as they can. Watch the website for an announcement soon on where Marcon 54 will be located!


If Guest Relations gets the guest, someone has to have something for them to do. Working with Marcon fans, the guests, the panelists and many local groups, Programming works to set the schedule that is the heart of Marcon each year.  This is not an easy task, whittling down a long list of prospective panels, making sure guests and panelists are not scheduled two places at once (except maybe in sci-fi), and that every panel you want to see is not scheduled at the same time. They get a lot of public input over the year, and you can get involved by checking out the Programming Page.

Publicity & Publications

Flyers, programs, In-Detail, interview requests, Pocket Program, banners, graphics for departments, getting the word out on Marcon to attract new attendees. While most departments will help in these areas in one way or another, the coordinationg of the areas falls to our Publicity & Publications department. And like most other departments, they could use a few more bodies to help out!



One of the most important things that you can do before you come is simply to Register! Sure, we take registrations at the door, and that's the only place we sell the one-day passes, but you can save money by pre-registering in person. Only planning to come on Saturday? For most of the year, you can get a full Marcon registration for less than the one day pass, so if you come early, or decide to crash somewhere and stay Sunday, you have not only saved money, but you get an extra day as well. See our Registration Page for all of the details.

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