Marcon 53 Theme – Marcon

Heroes and Villians, Star Trek to Star Wars, Doctor Who to The Orrville. Narnia to Smallville. There are tons of themes out there that could be used for conventions like Marcon. But which is the best for Marcon 2018?

It is a tough decision, and the more a convention tries to come up with the perfect theme to not only satisfy its regular convention goers, and to attract new ones, the more difficult it can become. So, what is the best idea for this year?

Marcon is pleased to announce that the theme for MARcon 53 is….Marcon.

Multiple Alternate Realities. It doesn’t matter if it is from your favorite book or television series; an anime series or blockbuster movie; a comic book that you remember as a child, or the role playing game you play with friends every week; a world you envision when the music plays, or the newest graphic novel. Heck, it could even be an imaginary world you snuck away to as a child, or maybe you still sneak away there when things get stressful. Marcon is, at its core, a celebration of those places where we escape to. Why not celebrate what the MAR in Marcon is all about?

Marcon 53 will be held May 11-13, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Columbus, Ohio. It will be a fun weekend to escape with friends old and new, to meet a favorite author and listen to some filk. It will be gaming from the old to the new, from medieval times to the distant future, and it will be artwork, not only for the wall, but in the creative costumes that our fans come up with.

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