Legend interviews Legend

Coming to Marcon this year? Be sure to mark your calendars now to see one of the all-time Filk legends interview someone possibly even more legendary!

Juanita CoulsonOn Saturday at 4 pm, Tom Smith will sit down for a one-on-one interview with Juanita Coulson, who is not only a filk legend, but an author, a multiple award winner, and one of the first women to win an award for editing a Fanzine.

Will Tom keep this interview serious, and ask her about the changes she has seen in the sci-fi community over the last 50+ years? Or will his comedic side come out? Maybe he will ask her to replicate the time she managed to out-sing a riverboat whistle.

Will Tom just decline to interview her, and let the fans take over? I think not, but who knows? The only way to be sure is to be present for this historic interview, at Marcon 2018.

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