The philosophy of our Accessibility Policy is about giving equal access to everyone.

The Hyatt Regency Columbus is an ADA compliant hotel. They have a limited number of ADA hotel rooms for different needs, these are available on a first come first serve basis. The hotel also has public “facilities” that are ADA compliant.

For those in need of ADA-related services, (i.e. interpretation, wheel chairs, special seating, etc.), please contact us at (preferably at least 3 weeks prior to the convention) and we will attempt to accommodate your needs. We can make arrangements for signing to be available (upon request) for panels or other events.

We have reserved the ADA ramp for the Masquerade.

We will have a local phone number on the website for members to make their own arrangements, at their own expense, for mobile wheelchairs (scooters / mobies). We are doing some pre-pricing and will put the number on the website once we have it.

CME Columbus Medical Equipment
306 East Fifth Ave
Columbus, OH 43201

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