parkingmapHotel Valet Parking
$25.00* for overnight guests
Includes complimentary In/Out Privileges  Clearance 6’3″

Off-Site Parking available at Chestnut Street Garage
1 block south of hotel $15* overnight self parking  Option to charge parking to room Includes complimentary In/Out Privileges and is accessible to and from the hotel via enclosed and covered walkway The Chestnut Street garage cannot accommodate any vans.

Additional Parking provided by Convention Center underground garage
$15* per 12-24 Hrs
No In/Out Privileges

Convention Center East Lot
Outdoor self parking $14* per 12-24 Hrs
No In/Out Privileges

Over sized vehicles (vans or other larger vehicles) cannot be parked by hotel valet; they don’t fit in the garage. You can still pull up to the hotel and unload normally, but then you will have to take your large vehicles to one of the outside lots. They won’t allow them to be parked on the street in front of the Hyatt either.

Note: the parking places right in front of the Hyatt are NO PARKING after 6pm.

* All prices are subject to change as the lot owners see fit. Marcon has no control over these lots or there pricing.

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