Now Only $124 (plus tax) per night.

Marcon takes place at the Hyatt Regency in Columbus, Ohio.

Room rates are a flat (1 to 4 people) $124 (plus tax) per night. To make your hotel reservation just call 888-591-1234; remember to mention MARCON to get the con room rate. Also, please be sure to request either a party floor or a quiet floor.



Quiet Floor:

If you have ANY questions or problems trying to make a reservation (or any other hotel issue) please let us know.  After all, we can’t fix a problem if we don’t know about it.

Don’t forget – Marcon loves PARTIES! But, we won’t have them if you don’t host them. How about starting that planning process for next year’s party right now?

Hospitality Suites (on the 5th floor) still cost $350 per night; that includes the parlor and the bedroom. To get a suite for MARCON just:

  1. Call the hotel and reserve one room for however many nights you want the suite – be sure to tell them that you want a room on a party floor. Get the confirmation number!
  2. Once you have the confirmation number from the HYATT, e-mail our Hotel Liasion – Please put “PARTY SUITE REQUEST” in the subject line of your e-mail.

The email MUST include:
(a) The Last name on the reservation
(b) Arrival date at the Hyatt
(c) Number of nights for which you want the suite
(d) The confirmation number the Hyatt gave you.

We will work to guarantee suite availability within a week of receiving a request. No Suites will be reserved outside of this process. All persons who request a suite will be notified via e-mail, by our Hotel Liaison, that they are, or are not, confirmed for a Hospitality Suite. In other words, we’ll tell you as soon as the Hyatt tells us.

The last few years the hotel has been booked up, so make your MARCON reservation now!

Update on Room Service

Items are now set to go from Perks with to-go plates, snacks and utensils and can be delivered for a $5 charge.


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