Talis Kimberley – Music Guest of Honor

  Talis Kimberley – Music Guest of Honor

MARCON, attend! We are graced by one of the most brilliant songwriters of our time: Talis Kimberley. Although I wouldn’t meet her for a few years, I heard her described in tones of hushed awe when I entered the filk community in 2001. She’d just won two Pegasus Awards: best writer/composer and best performer. I was enthralled when I heard her song, “Archetype Cafe” (Pegasus, 2008)  I wanted to meet these powerful, controversial women of the Ladies Historic Society who meet “down at Archetype Café on Wednesday.” There’s always another side or thousand to any story. With Talis’s needlelike wit, her song’s compass finds it unerringly.


She’s written songs about mythology, time travel, knitting, women, etc. Her muse is powerful and sometimes cruel—but never unkind—and always true. As a performer she is a powerhouse on stage, electrifying audience and fellow performers alike with her fiery energy and compelling voice. Talis is a member of the Green Party of England and Wales. Her green songs range from playful (“Spoon”) to galvanizing (“We All Said ‘No.’”).


Talis is generous with encouragement and kindness to other artists and indeed to all. We’re exceedingly lucky to enjoy her company this year.


–Dr. Mary Crowell

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