James Wappel – Artist Guest of Honor

  James Wappel – Artist Guest of Honor

james WappelJames spent many years as a 2d artist, working in watercolor,  pastel and other mediums.   He brought those to conventions, ren fairs and Celtic fests.

However, in 2001, all that  would change very suddenly.   An unusual set of circumstances would see his focus shift to painting miniatures.

At first it was on a limited basis,  a handful of figures here and there.  This would eventually grow to mass armies of figures!   By 2007, James was winning awards and teaching miniature painting classes.

In 2014, James ran a kickstarter campaign called the painting pyramid, which was an extensive series of videos coverering 53 different subjects and techniques.

Several miniature companies contributed figures to this cause, and these days companies are sending him figures to review on his blog.

Even though he works in three dimensions now, all the same basic principles of art still apply.  When he teaches a miniatures painting class, it is not much different from his early watercolor and pastel painting demos!

Janes will be conducting a number of panels during the convention on miniature painting. There will even be some joint panels with one of his favorite miniature sculptors,  Sandra garrity.

Be sure to stop by and join in the fun!

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