Sandra Garrity – Featured Guest

  Sandra Garrity – Featured Guest

SandySandra has been a freelance artist for over 40 years. She began primarily as a painter and sculptor, showing in galleries and art shows. Her favorite mediums were watercolors, oils, and wood sculpture. When she and her husband started attending Sci Fi and Fantasy conventions, she began entering her paintings and sculptures in the convention art shows.

In 1988, an artist friend encouraged her to go to Ral Partha, saying they needed sculptors. She interviewed, and they hired her as a freelance sculptor. Subsequently, in 1990, Ral Partha brought her on staff, full time, with a written agreement that she could continue with her freelance clients. In addition to sculpting figures for the company, she was tasked with teaching prospective new sculptors.

Nov.1992, Sandra went back to full time freelance work, and began sculpting for many more clients in the toy, pewter, gaming and model railroad industries. She also teaches sculpting classes when time permits.

Her freelance work has led to her meeting many wonderful people–sculptors, figure painters, illustrators, gamers, and clients, who have given her the wonderful opportunity to be a part of the gaming industry and showcase her work


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