Shoshie Bauer – Miniatures Guest of Honor

Shoshie Bauer is a internationally known award winning painter and teacher.  Shoshie received her BA in Studio-art and painted professional watercolors prior to switching to miniatures full time in 2013 . In 2013 she received her Reaper Bones 1 Kickstarter rewards which jumpstarted her obsession with miniature painting into a full time career.

She was further encouraged when she won awards at Privateer Press's P3 Grandmaster Painting competition and Best in Show at Con on the Cob in 2014. Since then she has placed with several competitions with medals and awards at shows such as Crystal Brush and World Expo.

She has taken classes from many international award winning painters. Since then Shoshie has cultivated a wide social media presence and begun sharing her knowledge through Teaching what she has learned.







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