Gary Graham – Media Guest of Honor

Gary Graham (born June 7, 1950 in Long Beach, California, U.S.) is an American actor. He is probably best known for his starring role as Detective Matthew Sikes in the television series Alien Nation (1989–1990), which was followed by the TV movies Alien Nation: Dark Horizon (1994), Alien Nation: Body and Soul (1995), Alien Nation: Millennium (1996), Alien Nation: The Enemy Within (1996), and Alien Nation: The Udara Legacy (1997).

Star Trek fans probably know him best from his more recent guest-starring roles on Star Trek: Enterprise as the recurring character Ambassador Soval, a Vulcan ambassador to Earth. He also guest-starred on Star Trek: Voyager (1995) once, playing Ocampan community leader Tanis in the season 2 episode Cold Fire. He plays a new role, Ragnar, in the fan production Star Trek: Of Gods and Men.  In 2015, Graham reprised his role as Ambassador Soval, in the film Star Trek: Axanar.  He recently co-starred in the feature film, “CHAMPION” to critical acclaim.  In addition, Gary has played more than 38 TV roles, and has also been in more than 40 movies. His films include All the Right Moves, The Arrogant, The Last Warrior, Robot Jox, Running Woman, Siren. Gary's most recent films are InAlienable, Action Hero and Dreams Awake.  And in 2017 Gary co-starred in the feature film, “CHAMPION” to critical acclaim.

Graham made his directorial debut in the spring of 2007 with the film Interviews which he also wrote. 

Music has been a passion for Gary all his life…and in 2016 Gary formed the popular scifi band “THE SONS OF KIRK” which affectionately and expertly honors/lampoons the epic STAR TREK, in all it’s incarnations.  As Ambassador Soval would say, “Live long…and Rocket. Rocket good.” 

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