Dandelion Wine – Music Guest of Honor

Dandelion Wine started its musical existence at a science fiction convention back in 1985, playing "Filk Music" – songs of science fiction and fantasy. Being folkies at heart, the band quickly moved into the contemporary folk music field.

The music of Dandelion Wine ranges from songs of the sea, songs of the earth, to songs of worlds beyond. This is music with a twist of something strange, something exciting, something wonderful.

Arising from the combination of folk music and science fiction and fantasy literature, these musicians and songwriters have created a startling fresh blend of the two. If this sounds intriguing give Dandelion Wine a listen.

Today the band consists of Tom Jeffers on vocals, 12 string guitar, Cittern, bass, mandolin and various other stringer instruments and Dave Clement on vocals, guitar and percussion. Dandelion Wine have released three albums to date, “Circles in the Grain”, “Cheap Hooch” and their most recent “Face on Mars” which won a prestigious Canadian Aurora Award for literary excellence in Filk music. They have been guests at many cons and have performed all over the world from the U.S. and Canada to England and Germany. 

"We are excited and honoured to be asked to be the music GOHs at Marcon in 2018."

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