Britt Bliss – Featured Cosplayer

Brit Bliss is a cosplayer, avid gamer, and model from Columbus, OH. Maxim Magazine launched her career when they published her in their both their print and online magazines. She has also been seen in PASMag, FIGHT!, RacerX, and many others. After wanting to indulge her nerdy interests more, she began to use her sewing skills to bring her favorite video game characters and super heroes to life. Brit started to make her own costumes to attend comic conventions and fell in love with it in 2014, even drafting a lot of the patterns she used to create something truly unique for herself. Each new character presents a new challenge in order to keep testing and improving her abilities. What was once a hobby has now become a lifestyle for her. Some of her fan favorite cosplays include a pin-up Captain America, Catwoman, and Squirrel Girl. Since starting, she has grown a fanbase of one million people on Facebook alone.




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