Andy Hopp – Featured Artist

Since 2001 Andy has been a freelance illustrator, writer, and game designer. His specialty is strange monsters and other whimsical yet twisted bizarrities, but he'll draw just about anything (even that). He created the acclaimed Low Life RPG by PEG, Inc., is the founder of The Wanderers Guild (a series of socially developed game products), the author and/or illustrator of dozens of games, children’s books, and other products, and the proudest dad this side of Gomez Addams.

Along with a bunch of other amazing and hardworking peeps, he hosts some fantastic events, like Con on the Coband Oddmall, both of which to which you should get your shiny wazoo posthaste.

He lived in Green, Ohio with his awesome wife Heather, their two ridiculously amazing (and amazingly ridiculous) daughters (Iliana and Aurora), and three metric buttloads of pets, including two cats who can’t seem to remember where the litter box is. Pictures of me without my tongue showing are as rare as diapers on an oofo.

(Editor's Note: Upon conducting further research, we could only locate 2.957 metric buttloads of pets.)

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