Way Back When…

A look at Marcon 

53 years.

That is a long time for a fan-run convention to keep plugging away to bring fans of alternative realities a weekend of education, literuature, cosplay, music, science, art and a whole lot of fun!

But that is just what the fans who put together Marcon each year have been doing since 1965. As we move from the Hyatt Regency in downtown Columbus to a new hotel, we thought it was a good time not only to look to new horizons, but also to look back on how Marcon got to where it is. Over the course of the next year, we will take a look back at Marcon's past. We will post some of the basics of what happened each year, where we were, who our guests were, etc, and invite you to add your memories as well.. If you would like to share a memory of a particular convention, when we post the basic information on that year's Marcon, we invite you to comment and share your memories, and we will pull many of those memories onto the page to help write the history of Marcon

We shall start in the coming days with the one that is most fresh in our minds, Marcon 53!


Marcon 51

Marcon 52

Marcon 53

Marcon 54

Marcon 55
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Marcon 41 Marcon 42 Marcon 43 Marcon 44 Marcon 45
Marcon 36 Marcon 37 Marcon 38 Marcon 39 Marcon 40
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