Gopher this, Gopher that, Gopher Marcon

We are within the final 3 weeks before Marcon, and the final touches are being put on all of the plans. Now, we need help!

Editor's note: Most on ConCom have needed help for years, mainly because they volunteered for ConCom. That is not the kind of help Marcon needs……right now.

What we need is Gophers to help fill in the gaps. It is virtually impossible to get all of the staff and volunteers we need before Marcon, so, we line up gophers who want to work at the Con, to help pay their way. Gophers who work 12 hours or more from Thursday to Sunday will have their registration fees either rolled over to next year, or, with prior chair approval, refunded.

We can help you come to con for free (if you work), but you are on your own for your hotel room, food, and all of your purchases at the vast Dealers' Room on the third floor. If you plan on getting a refund, we do encourage you to spend it on autographs, workshops, or in the Dealers' Room!

Back to volunteering, if you would like to be a Gopher, go to the Volunteer page on the website for more information, and then click on the link at the bottom to submit your information directly to the Gopher Department. .

If you are sure that you want to Gopher, or, if you are going to Gopher again this year, you can just go directly to the application page and fill it out.

Some of our biggest needs will come on Thursday, to help unload things for the convention, and the Dealers' Room specifically, as we set up for the weekend. For obvioius reasons, Sunday afternoon is also busy, as the dealers load up to go home, and later as the con sends everything back to storage for another year. 

Not liking the idea of rolling carts, lifting supplies, and loading them into vehicles and trucks? Most of the jobs at con require nothing more than your attention. Checking badges at various locations is one of the easier  jobs, but just as important as we monitor who is going into and out of he panels. Some departments might find themselves a person short because of last minute changes, so you might end up doing data entry, working the information table, or helping in ConSuite.

Sign up now, and get the prime spots! Or better yet, volunteer to load in and load out, and you will be in the good graces of the chair, and ConCom for an entire year, or until we need your help next year again!             

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This is the primary account for Marcon Publicity, and is used by the Publicity Head to get information out about the convention.

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