Get your ribbon orders in

You know all of those unique colorful ribbons that people wear from their badges each year at Marcon? While some of those are created by Marcon and their staff to hand out, many of them come from fans who create their own unique designs to hand out to other fans. Some may do it as part of a fan group, others to support a guest at the con this year, but more often than not, it is the fans, not the conventions that produce the ribbons each year.

Badge ribbons come in all sorts of colors and sayings. Not so much on the shapes, they are pretty much all rectangular.

Many conventions, Marcon included, make it easy for fans to order ribbons by including them with the convention order. Our order goes in to the printers in late March or early April, so we have a deadline of March 15 for fans to get their ribbons in to us. The good part about this is that any discounts that Marcon gets for printing a large group of badges helps lower your prices as well.

If you would like to join the fun, and order ribbons to hand out for Marcon this year (and any other cons you might be attending), just head on over to the Ribbon Order page, and place your order today!

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