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Time is running out! Just two more days to order your ribbons for Marcon 2018!

Do you want some cool new ribbons to hand out at Marcon 53? For a limited time, you can order them through Marcon, and they will be ready to pick up at the convention!

From now until March 20 (we did say limited time) you can submit your ribbons requests to us, and we will add them to our order. Ribbons will have a set up fee of $14.00 per ribbon design, and will cost $0.37 per ribbon. The best thing is, if Marcon gets a ribbon discount, we will pass it on to you as well.

Just head over the the Ribbon Ordering page to submit your ribbons . There is more information there. 




will be taking ribbon orders from now until March 20. You can order your ribbons  at

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