Support SOLAE

Did you know by supporting SOLAE, The Science Oriented Literature, Art and Education Foundation®, you are supporting Marcon?

Marcon’s Non-profit status comes because of our affiliation with SOLAE, and in many respects, is the reason Marcon remains viable in this day and age of failing fan-run conventions. Supporting SOLAE is supporting Marcon, and their other endeavors.

Your purchases at Amazon and Kroger can help support SOLAE all year round.

With Amazon: please go to Amazon’s page about Amazon Smile, and select the Science Oriented Literature and Arts Foundation as your charity of choice. Then, when you make purchases through Amazon, log on to, and your purchases will benefit SOLAE all year long.

With Kroger: Log onto and go to their Community Rewards Page, Select SOLAE (NPO# 91272) as your charity of choice.

With both of these great organizations and programs, you can support SOLAE all year long. Please go to their websites, and make SOLAE your charity of choice today!

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