Room Party Info

Marcon comes alive at night, our fan groups plan, setup, and then throw some of the best con parties in the country! In addition to it’s regular rooms, the Hyatt has several suites and hospitality rooms that are perfect for parties. Please check the Hotel page to see how to request a suite. These fill up fast, so get your reservations in early.

Room Party Guidelines

The following guidelines are intended to help you and your guests make it safely through the Party Night Life without harm to anyone.

1. Observe all Federal, State, and local laws and regulations. Require photo I.D. with proof of age upon entrance; don’t serve alcohol to anyone under 21. Don’t allow your guests to enter or leave your room with an open container of alcohol, as this violates Ohio’s Open Container law.

2. Request a party floor when registering with the hotel, as these floors are reserved for MarCon guests only, and MarCon staff will be available to provide assistance. The Hyatt has agreed to let MarCon security address concerns on party floors; if you hold your party on a “quiet” floor, you’re on your own. Be aware of—and comply with—all hotel policies. If you don’t know what the hotel’s policies are, please ask.

3. Display panels will be available in designated areas throughout the convention space to post flyers advertising your party. Don’t tape them to walls or other easily damaged surfaces. If any damage occurs to hotel property from the posting of advertising for your party, you will be held responsible and are financially liable.

4. You are financially liable for any and all damages occurring to hotel property in the room/suite where your party is held. We advise you to thoroughly inspect your room before your party to identify any existing damage. If you find any, immediately report it to the hotel staff.

5. At least one of the party organizers must be in the room/suite at all times while the party is in progress. Control access to your party; the person who reserved the room is ultimately responsible for the behavior of the people in it. Require everyone at your party to wear their MarCon badges; this will help you identify anyone causing problems, and MarCon staff can help to resolve problems that might occur.

6. Don’t allow your room to become a safety hazard. Close the door if the party becomes too crowded, too loud, or at the request of a MarCon representative or hotel staff. Make every effort to discourage loitering in the hallways, and keep the hallway near your party free of trash.

7. Immediately report any problems beyond your control to MarCon Ops. Specify if Security staff is needed. We’ll try to help in any way we can.

8. In the event of a medical emergency, notify the hotel front desk immediately, and then contact MarCon Operations.


Post your party in the In Con News!

This year, we will be printing several issues of the convention news, and distributing them via PDF, and in print versions. On our Friday and Saturday evening editions, we will post information on room parties that are going on that night, and may include them in other issues, space permitting. To get  your party listed, contact Publicity, before or during the convention. Space will be limited, so the sooner you get your listing in, the more likely it is to appear!

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