Fan Groups

Marcon welcomes fan groups of all sorts in many ways. Some will get hall tables, many will get involved in our programming, scheduling panels on topics of interest to their group, and even more running games during the convention.


These are some of the groups that have been with us in the past years.

Fine Polish Quality Fine Polish Quality

The roots of the FPQ were established in 1989 by the first Marcon attendee in our group, Charles A. Peterson Jr. Chuck has gathered a loyal gaggle of followers every year since to attend the best sci-fi / fantasy convention in the mid-west, Marcon! As the years passed by, our little gaming and partying group could not help but notice that something was missing from the Marcon experience… a name. This changed in May of 2000. One of our members, attending a party, got up on stage, disrobed, and began swinging his clothes around claiming: "Come on ladies, you know you can't pass up this 'Fine Polish Quality!'" And that was that, our group finally had a name, a purpose, and a direction. Thanks for your drunken, endorphin induced, dedication Kirb! While the "FPQ" fan group name is some-what newly formed, we have been attending the con and running games, both for MarCon and privately since 1989 (and even earlier). We are dedicated to keeping the GAMING SPIRIT alive and well, especially at the Con!  

Psi Phi Columbus Psi Phi Columbus  

Psi Phi Columbus is a Central Ohio science fiction and fantasy media fan group. Our primary activities are getting together to watch or talk about our favorite TV shows and movies, and presenting panels about them at >Marcon. We are not affiliated with any other organizations using the name Psi Phi, but we hope someday to help establish a network among such independent fan groups to help keep people in fandom as they move around the country.

Because of the nature of our group, membership is limited to people that one or more of our current members has met in person. This isn't as difficult as it sounds. If you're not sure if you've met any of us, e-mail the list owner and find out. 🙂

As to the history of Psi-Phi Columbus …

It began with the forging of the Fan Track. The Short Lord sought to unify area clubs and evolve their passion for discussing science fiction and fantasy, beyond the realms of Trek. Three panels were given to each club, to extend their wisdom in Trekdom far. But whispers of new powers rising brought forth new discussions. The Short Lord perceived the time had come to raise a new voice – that of the Great Maker. And so was born The Anla'shok, immortal and wisest of all fan groups of Middle Ohio. It was soon joined by The Peacekeepers, The Scoobies, The Browncoats and more, in hopes of bringing light to a world that had grown full of peril. And reruns. And sequels.

History became legend, legend became myth. And so a new Fellowship was formed: Psi-Phi Columbus. For the Fan Track had been transformed into the Media Track, to insure fans who had become friends should not forget what brings them together.

The Fishnet Mafia The Fishnet Mafia  

The Fishnet Mafia are an above-the-law society that controls the sexual prohibition, set forth by the Quaker Act of 1841. Most recently, we have successfully infiltrated and captured control of the official shadowcast that performs The Rocky Horror Picture Show, here in Columbus, OH.


The Midnight Shift The Midnight Shift  

The Midnight Shift is Grandview theater's shadowcast troupe that brings the movies to life before your eyes! Since August 2011 with our inaugural show Clue, to cult classics Repo! The Genetic Opera and Little Shop of Horrors, The Midnight Shift has charted a new kind of way to enjoy the movies. We bring a new movie to life every month!


Doctor Who Columbus Doctor Who Columbus

This group is devoted to Ohio fans of The Doctor, the anachronistic, eccentric, brilliant hero of British science fiction. They exchanging opinions, discussing ideas, and sharing the appreciation of Doctor Who in a fun, friendly atmosphere without bureaucracy. We have monthly get-togethers in the Columbus/Central Ohio area to socialize and discuss Doctor Who, Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures and related science fiction! It's not only Doctor Who, but more!!!

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