Get Involved

Marcon is a fan-run convention, for fans. Whether you are famous, or a fan, a Young Adult author, or just a young adult, and everything in between,  you can get involved and help with Marcon each year.

Come and have fun

The easiest way to get involved is simply to come, and immerse yourself in the activities each year. From Friday afternoon until Sunday, we have activities, workshops, panels, concerts, an art show, one of the finest dealer's rooms around, and a lot more to make it a fun-filled weekend for any age. Start your Marcon advernture by going to our Registration page, and registering to come to Marcon. The earlier you register, the cheaper it is for your weekend of fun. 

Volunteer to help plan the Con

Marcon planning starts soon after the previous year's convention ends. Okay, well, not exactly. We start working on a lot of the plans well before the previous year's convention has started. We have monthly meetings to play Marcon, and many jobs are held by each member. We welcome other fans to step up, and help us get ready, check out the Staff page to see our meeting schedule, and contact us to find a way that you can help in the planning for next year.

Gopher at the Con

No matter how much we plan, and how much staff we have on board, there are spots that aren't filled, or that last minute job that needs an extra few hands. How do we fill these spots? Gophers. Yes, that means sometimes you will go for this, or go for that, but there is a lot more than that. We need help getting our dealers loaded in on Friday, and packed up and loaded out on Sunday. Many artists will need help setting up for the Art Show, and even some of our Guests of Honor will need a hand getting their props and equipment into the center. You could help with those, or help check badges in the ConSuite, man the info table, or a lot more. See our Gopher Page to see how you can get involved. It may not get you into the convention for free, but we do roll over memberships to the next year for those who put 12 hours or more of work in as a Gopher.

Hall Tables

Cleveland Concoction, Deconpression, Gaming Groups, LARP groups, and a lot more groups get Hall Tables for Marcon, so they can get information out about their activities. Browse the tables, to see how you can get involved in these groups all year long, or see the Hall Tables Page to see how you can get your group some exposure at Marcon.

Group Registrations

Bringing a large group to Marcon? It can be a fan group, a club, or just a big bunch of friends. Contact us ahead of time and check into our discounted rates for groups. More information and contact information available on the Registration Page.

Room Parties

Everything at Marcon is about having fun at the convention, and everyone crashes in their hotel rooms at night. Yeah, right! The Room Parties keep the fun going late into the night, and you can get yours included. We will list room parties in the Marcon Times to help you get fans to the party, but there are certain rules that you need to follow. Check out the Room Party Page for more information.

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