MARCON’s Gaming Department

MARCON’s Gaming Department


Marcon’s Game Department pledges to create a fun, relaxing environment for everyone. We strive for people of all ages to feel encouraged and welcome to participate. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner at games or have been rolling dice for 50 years. We the Marcon Gaming Staff will create a great experience for anyone who attends our convention and wanders into our gaming department.

Marcon’s Game Department encourages the social aspect of boardgames and gaming and the experience of trying new games. We hope that everyone attending meets new friends, has stimulating conversation, and discovers the joy of connecting that comes with playing boardgames.

48 Hours of Continuous Gaming

Role Playing Games, Card Games, Computer Games, Board Games, and Tournaments scheduled throughout the weekend as well as a full rental library of games to choose from.

This year, Marcon Gaming will be located in

Union A, B, C, & Hall



Marcon 52's Gaming Schedule





2017 Tournaments

(Check back often for tournament additions and updates.)

Magic the Gathering:



Just how good are you at Magic the Gathering? Can you take any deck… Any card… And win with it? This tournament is a very good chance for you to test your skill with a deck you know nothing about against a deck your opponent knows nothing about!

  • Players will be handed a pre-built deck.

  • They will then play the tournament with that deck.

  • 3 Rounds

  • Best out of 3 wins




  • Basic Wizards of the Coast rulings and banlist.

  • 1 Round





Tanto Cuore

Hire maids to work your mansion. Beware though! Some of these maids will teach others bad habits!


  • 2 Rounds

  • 4 Players per Table

  • 2 Piles General Maids



Invade Russia with your soldiers and tanks! Take them city by city until Moscow falls.


  • 1 Round

  • 6 Players per Table

  • Until Moscow is defeated


Special Presentations


Video Game Room

Rock Band – Street Fighter V –  Killer Instinct – Mortal Kombat – Guitar Hero


This year’s video game room is hosted by Matsuricon.

  • Matsuricon is an annual Japanese pop-culture event that focuses primarily on Japanese animation (known as “anime”), manga (Japanese graphic novels), and video games. We also showcase both American and Japanese popular culture, due to the natural overlap of fandom from both genres. Matsuricon’s goal is to promote the cultural awareness of japanese pop-culture through related events, special guest speakers and cultural presentations.

**For more info, please visit:

Cosplay Foam Fighting

Cosplay Foam Fighting is a group out of Chicago that brings the boffer weapon LARP to various conventions all over the midwest.

  • CFF is a combat boffer game!

  • Events and Loaner Gear is free!

  • Our gear complies with Amtgard/Belegarth/Dagorhir standards.

Pokemon Gym

Presented by

The Platinum League

An organization that is dedicated to creating the experience of collecting badges and battling in a Pokemon League Tournament similar to the ones shown in the games and anime. We do not host sanctioned PLAY! Tournaments, however we do use VGC Rules for some of our tournaments.

The Platinum League began in 2014 as the Shinbokucon Pokemon League, where we hosted a one day tournament. The model was simple, collect badges from the members who volunteered as gym leaders, then anyone who had the badges would enter into a tournament at the end of the day. The tournament was successful and from there we have been refining this model to use at other conventions.

** For more info visit:

Shadowrun Society


It’s been a while since the Catalyst Demo Team was last at MARCon. But when Mr. or rather Ms. Johnson called with a need for some professional runners and offered some sweet bits of biz, well we just couldn’t say no.

So what is the CDT and what’s our deal? Well, scan this: we’re offering anyone with enough nerve the chance to earn some serious cred and build their rep by running in some of the meanest back alleys and assorted insanity the Sixth World has to offer.

Not sure what that means, or even what a shadowrunner is? Well that’s chill omae, we’re nice enough to help you build yourself up and even give you a first taste of what you’ll deal with on a ‘run. Be you a chromed-out ork street samurai, a mojo-slinging dwarf magician, the elven face to pretty to hit, or something in-between, everyone has to start somewhere. And if you haven’t bugged out after that, our dedicated team of professionals may have just the mission for you. So if you got the spine for it, now you know where to find us.

And remember the street proverb:  watch your back, shoot straight, conserve ammo, and never, EVER, cut a deal with a dragon…


Game Masters

Information & Requirements

Once again, MARCON has invited Game Masters to host games an assortment of games throughout the weekend.

















MARCON’s Gaming Department has Game Masters for the following genres:


– Role Playing Games

– LARP (Live Action Role Playing)

– Table-Top Board/Card Games

– Collectible Card Games

– Deck Building Games

– Miniatures


Game Master Applications

Deadline for final sign up was March 1, 2017!!!

  • Thank you to all of the Game Masters who have signed up to host games at Marcon 52!!




Marcon 52's Gaming Schedule




Marcon Gaming Sponsors




If you have any questions about Marcon’s Gaming Department, please email the head of gaming at:


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