MARCON’s Gaming Department

MARCON’s Gaming Department


48 Hours of Continuous Gaming

Role Playing Games, Card Games, Computer Games, Board Games, and Tournaments scheduled throughout the weekend as well as a full rental library of games to choose from.



This year, Marcon Gaming will be located in

Union A, B, C, & Hall


2016 Tournaments

(Check back often for tournament additions and updates.)


Tanto Cuore:

  • 2 Rounds

  • 4 Players per Table

  • 2 Piles General Maids




  • Random Partner

  • Bring Your Partner










Magic the Gathering:



Just how good are you at Magic the Gathering? Can you take any deck… Any card… And win with it? This tournament is a very good chance for you to test your skill with a deck you know nothing about against a deck your opponent knows nothing about!

  • Players will be handed a pre-built deck.

  • They will then play the tournament with that deck.

  • 3 Rounds

  • Best out of 3 wins



  • Basic Wizards of the Coast rulings and banlist.

  • 1 Round


No Holds Barred

Ever wanted to play with whatever card you could? Unglued? Unhinged? Channel/Fire Ball like nobody's business? What about a deck of just Plague Rats? This is your chance!

  • This is a free-form deck tournament.

  • 60 card minimum  

  • All cards MUST be real (NO “proxy” cards)  

  • Nothing is banned. (If you own the card, you are welcome to play with it.)

  • Nothing is restricted (Balance, Channel, Braids).

  • Nothing is limited (May have more than 4 of whatever).


Special Presentations



Video Game Room

Rock Band – Street Fighter V –  Killer Instinct – Mortal Kombat – Guitar Hero


This year’s video game room is hosted by Matsuricon.

Cosplay Foam Fighting

Cosplay Foam Fighting is a group out of Chicago that brings the boffer weapon LARP to various conventions all over the midwest.


  • CFF is a combat boffer game!

  • Events and Loaner Gear is free!

  • Our gear complies with Amtgard/Belegarth/Dagorhir standards.



Columbus In Darkness

Mind's Eye Theatre:


Mind's Eye Theatre is a live action role-playing game based on the White Wolf’s World of Darkness universe.


Marcon is happy to offer Shadowrun RPG events once more!

More info TBA!



Game Masters

Information & Requirements

Deadline for final sign up is March 1, 2017!!!

Once again, MARCON invites Game Masters to host games in exchange for a weekend badge at the convention.

  • GM’s are required to run 12 hours of gaming to earn a weekend badge.


MARCON’s Gaming Department is in search of Game Masters for the following genres:

– Role Playing Games

– LARP (Live Action Role Playing)

– Table-Top Board/Card Games

– Collectible Card Games

– Miniatures

Deadline for final GM sign up is March 1, 2017!!!



Game Master Sign Up Form:

Deadline for final sign up is March 1, 2017!!!


  • Gaming schedule will be created on a first come first serve basis.

  • If we cannot schedule your game at your chosen time, we will try our best to schedule it as close to your request as possible.




If you have any questions about Marcon’s Gaming Department, please email the head of gaming at:



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