Marcon 55 Filk Virtual Performances:

The Blibbering Humdingers – Music Guest of Honor

We’re doing a hangout/concert thing this Sunday 2-4pm EDT. We’re splitting any tips received between Feeding America, and RavenCon – a con in Richmond, VA that has run into some financial trouble as a result of having to cancel. They were one of the first cons to have us as a musical guests, and this is our way of paying them back.

Links to our merch and recordings are available at our website:

Here’s a link to Sunday’s show:

Cathy McManamon
3-3:50pm Eastern, Saturday, May 9th
FB live at

Cathy plays acoustic guitar and writes songs about a little bit of everything from sea to space and runelore to real life connections. She plays occasional cover songs too. Although flying solo for now, she is a member of the bands Random Fractions, Toyboat, a collaborator with several other musicians all over the country, and part of the Canticles Productions family.

Via Bella

Will be doing a short set (no more than 30 min.) on Facebook Live at 1 pm on Sunday.

Album available digitally at multiple sites, all gathered here:


Tom Smith

Tom will be doing a concert viz Zoom at 5pm

Click to view his concert

Tom’s Music is available at or at

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