Hall Tables

Marcon Fan and Hall Table

Information and Requirements


Hall Tables are available for fan groups, conventions, clubs, etc. to showcase themselves. These tables are free, but they are limited in number and must be reserved in advance. Please see below for the rules regarding tables and staffing.


Requesting a Hall Table:

  • Hall Tables are assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis.  But remember, Marcon has the right to refuse to give a hall table to anyone or group.

  • Please send in your request and we will notify you in a timely manner of acceptance.


Fan Tables:

1.       Person requesting can get one (1) badge at $25.

  • NOTE:  If your group requests a table one year and does not show up to staff it:   

  • 1. Your group will not be allowed a table the following year. There is no exceptions to this rule, do not ask for one.  

  • 2. The badge purchased at the table discount will be pulled and you will have to pay the difference of the at the door cost to get it back.

2.       Marcon will give a separate code to each group.

  • Code gives a 10% discount.

3.       Show us where you are advertising that you are coming to Marcon

  • 1. Advertise on at least 2 social media (Facebook, Twitter, Etc).

  • 2. Marcon will add them to our "fan group" page.

  • 3. For every 5 new paying people (excluding the 1st table badge) that use the code the group gets 1 free membership.

4.       Attractions and/or being panelists will be handled on a case by case basis.

  • Contact Marcon Programming for inquiries.

5.       Hall tables must be continuously staffed during the day throughout the convention.

  • 1. Table Schedules are 3pm until 8pm Friday, 10am until 8pm Saturday, and plan on staffing your table until 2 or 3pm Sunday.

  • 2. You are welcome to keep your table open later than required times.

  • 3.Table has to be manned by at least one (1) group member with badge.

6.       You can only sell memberships or take donations.

  • No general merchandise sales are permitted at fan tables.
  • If you wish to sell merchandise, Marcon has a dealers’/exhibitors’ hall where you may purchase booth space to do so.

7.   Table placement will be at the sole discretion of Marcon.

  • We'll work with you as much as possible, but we can make no promises.

  • Please let us know if you need placed near an outlet.

  • Power in the Hyatt for tables is only available in a few locations.

  • We will do our best to accommodate you, but again we cannot promise it.

  • Be sure to bring your own power bar, extension cords, and splitters.

  • Be ready to share.

  • If you need Internet access at your table, you'll have to arrange this with the individual hotel. Although our host hotels offer wireless access in guest rooms, this service is usually restricted or blocked in the function-space areas.


Convention Exchange Tables:

1.       Marcon offers a reciprocating table exchange deal with other conventions.


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