Charles Gannon will be headlining Marcon 54

There are great storytellers throughout the world, but there is a level of story telling that requires a bit more. The art of being a world builder. Charles Gannon has proven he is a world builder, both in the literary and gaming world.

Gannon, creator of the Consolidated Terran Republic, will be our Author Guest of Honor for Marcon in 2019 as we move into our new location at the Crowne Plaza Columbus North in Worthington, Ohio.

Charles Gannon – Author Guest of Honor

But the Terran Republic is not the only world that Gannon is involved with. He has also authored stories in the Omniverse, and the Aether Empire, and is involved in shared worlds such as Starfire, Honorverse, and 1632: The Ring of Fire.

Moreover, his worlds are not limited to the literary variety. He understands the vibrant nature of worlds in gaming as well, and has contributed to Traveller, 2300 AD, Twilight 2000 and Dark Conspiracy as well.

Marcon will be held from May 10-12 2019 at the Crowne Plaza Columbus North in Worthington Ohio. Pre-registration is available on the Marcon website by going to the Convention Registration page, and hotel reservations at a discounted Marcon rate can be made on the Hotel page.

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