Meanwhile Back in Helsinki

Walter Jon WilliamsWalter Jon Williams gave an impressive speech in Helsinki at WorldCon as their Guest of Honor in August of last year. Unfortunately, there were technical difficulties in recording his speech.

No problem! Marcon to the rescue!

On Sunday morning at 11:30 am in Franklin BC, Williams will revisit his speech, and Marcon will record it for posterity. If you weren't able to make it to WorldCon last year, get a touch of the con here at Marcon. If you were there, just revisit the Helsinki convention as part of your trek through Marcon 53.

Get your Marcon 2018 Shirt!

Hi everyone! I have finished the Marcon 2018 t-shirt design. Here is the link to pre-order the shirt.

Posted by Ray VanTilburg on Tuesday, March 6, 2018


You can now order your Marcon 2018 shirt directly from Off World Designs. For more information, go to their site directly to see several views of the shirt, and how to order.

David Lee Pancake set as Artist GOH

David Lee PancakeThe cover of the Marcon 53 program book is being created by our Artist Guest of Honor David Lee Pancake. Pancake a talented sculptor and artist, and we are pleased to not only have him as our Guest of Honor this year, but to have his artwork grace our 2018 Publications.

He is a master of textures in sculture, but is equally adept at work on canvas well, be it dragons, horror, or even abstracts.

For more on David, see his GOH page.


Dandelion Wine set as Filk Guest of Honor

Marcon is prould to have Dandelion Wine as our Filk Guest of Honor for Marcon 53 on May 11-13 at the Hyatt Regency Columbus.

While their music ranges from contemporary folk to filk, and boasts many songs of nature, both on our planet, and on others, they are a true science fiction convention group, as they began their existance at a sci-fi convention in 1985.

For more on Dandelion Wine, see their Guest of Honor page.