Art Panels and Events Schedule

Times and events may change between now and con date.


  • 5pm: Marcon Art Room Officially Opens
  • 7pm:
  • 11pm: Art Show Closes


  • 10am: Art Room Opens
  • 12pm: Guided Meditation
  • 5pm: Making Colors On Canvass
  • 9pm-10pm: Artist Round Table and Networking
  • 11pm: Art Show Closes


  • 10am: Art Room Opens
  • 10am: Payments and Pick Up
  • 3pm: Art Room Closes

Are you an artist looking to get involved in Marcon’s art programming? Have a panel or a workshop you’d like to host? Just want to join already planned panels?P

  • For questions or suggestions pertaining to art program panels, please email

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