Code of Conduct/Anti Harassment Policy

The aim of Marcon is to provide an environment where everyone can come and feel safe while having fun. Our anti-harassment policy is to ensure that Marcon is a safe and fun event for all members.

Please remember to take No for an answer when it is given for anything from a simple social request to intimate encounters. Racial, sexual or any other types of harassment will NOT be tolerated.

People of diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds, genders, sexualities and relationship statuses attend Marcon. Harassment includes abusive name-calling, stalking, threatening behavior, inappropriate requests or comments, to unwanted physical contact and will absolutely not be tolerated.

  • If you are told that your words or action’s feels like harassment or are just making someone feel uncomfortable – seriously consider changing your behavior before jumping straight into self-defense. Something can feel like harassment to others even if you didn’t mean it that way.
  • If you are taking photos or filming, please respect someone’s “no” if they tell you not to take their picture and never make pose requests that someone may consider rude or sexual.
  • If someone continues demonstrating harassing behavior after having been warned, they may be expelled from the event without any compensation. A participant can also be expelled without warning for serious incidents of harassment (for example punching someone or continuing sexual advances towards someone after having been told to stop). The authority to make such a decision is given to the Chairman of the Marcon organizing committee.

If you should find yourself in such a state of intoxication that you would have difficulty accounting for your actions or expressing consent or lack of consent it is likely that sober organizers will in a friendly manner help you find your bed. If you are told that you need to sleep it off, please heed this advice.

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