Bob and Connie Trembley – Science Guests of Honor

Bob Trembley has been an amateur astronomer and loved astronomy and space his entire life; he is a volunteer NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador, and a former board member of Michigan’s Warren Astronomical Society. Bob does a lot of outreach – he lectures about astronomy and space science, and sets up his telescopes at schools, libraries, planetariums, conventions, and other venues.

Bob works for the Vatican Observatory Foundation, writing astronomy and space science posts for the “Catholic Astronomer Blog” with Br. Guy Consolmagno and other astronomers. Bob also does VOF website development, social media work, newsletter and media creation… and whatever else gets thrown at him.

Bob is fantastically interested in asteroids, near-Earth objects (NEOs), and meteorites. Bob is a HUGE fan of educational space-related PC software such as: NASA’s Eyes on the Solar System, Universe Sandbox, Space Engine and Kerbal Space Program. Bob is determined to improve the teaching of astronomy and space history throughout Michigan, and the U.S.

Bob’s wife Connie is also a Solar System Ambassador; they are part of a very small set of husband-wife SSA teams. For the 2016-2017 school year, and again for 2018-2019, they’ll run an after-school club at Connie’s school called the “Endeavour Space Academy” – students will learn basic astronomy, the history of rockets and space exploration, current space news, historic scientists and astronomers, and get hands-on experience using the aforementioned software.   



Connie Trembley is an award-winning middle school science teacher who has a passion for astronomy. She has taught middle school science for the past 17 years and believes the best way to learn science is to give her students hands-on experiences, including taking her students to sleep in a cave.

Connie is a volunteer NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador; in 2015 and 2016, she organized a district-wide Astronomy Night event with speakers, activities, and telescope viewing. Bringing astronomy to the public is important to her – with this in mind, she helped her husband Bob run a very successful after-school space science club: the Endeavour Space Academy.

Connie’s daughter Amanda, who has severe dyslexia, inspired her to become an Orton-Gillingham facilitator.  For the past 20 years through this program she has taught countless numbers of children, from those simply missing the basics, to those with severe learning disabilities and dyslexia how to read.

Her husband Bob helped arrange to have an asteroid discovered by the Catalina Sky Survey named after her: asteroid (117852) Constance. Bob claims that editing Connie’s asteroid citation down to something around the length of a Tweet was difficult. Her citation reads:

“Constance L. Martin-Trembley (b. 1962) has been a beloved and inspirational science teacher for over a decade. Connie has organized educational trips, run an after school boo club and science club, and has a passion for astronomy. She was awarded Teacher of the Year for her district in 2007.”

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