Welcome to Marcon

A reminder to everyone that Marcon has never accepted harassment of any type. We have had a Code of Conduct for almost two decades, and we have enforced it when needed.

We'll be back in 2021 with Marcon 55 2.0

Now comes the difficult part: The panels are wrapping up so The Dead Dog is whatever you want to make it! You can certainly continue here, it’s your site (this is a politics free zone!) Send us your reviews of our efforts and your ideas for 2021.

I would especially like to thank our Guests of Honor for their participation in our first virtual convention. They have all been gracious and generous!

I have enjoyed this weekend, but I have also been feeling reflective and nostalgic. Marcon has lost Mandy (aka Laurel Hedge) our Ops Department Head and our good friends and Art Show partners, the Dorsai!, have also lost members, Tom Barber. And yet it’s been a good weekend in a hard year.

Please continue the convention here if you don’t want to stop. But tomorrow and afterwards remember to continue checking the Facebook Group and the website for the updates for Marcon 55, in 2021.

Thank you, our all Members, for playing this weekend. I have had a few inquiries about donations. The Registration Page on the website has a donation button on PayPal. Thank you to those who found it this weekend!

Finally, to all the people who put this weekend together, the Department Heads - you’re marvelous, thank you!

Kim Williams
Chair, Marcon 55 (2020 & 2021)